September 17, 2014

Infographic: What Makes an Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs are just different. There’s no debating that.

We see a solution where others see a problem. We see opportunity where others see risk. We are motivated by critics, empowered by innovation, and hungry for knowledge. We act now, think later, and fear only complacency.

But really, who are we?

Everyone has their own list of characteristics that successful entrepreneurs and start-up companies need. There’s passion, perseverance, positivity, and the like. I want to go a little deeper. Who are we? How old are we? How do we work? What do most of us truly have in common?

For instance, did you know that immigrants make up 26 percent of entrepreneurs in the United States (but only 13 percent of the population), or that one in 25 business leaders may be psychopaths – a rate that is four times higher than the general population? With the help of my TechnologyAdvice research team, I was able to use a variety of studies from the past few years to piece together the true makeup of today’s entrepreneurs.



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