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TapClicksProduct Overview

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TapClicks product overview

TapClicks is a Smart Marketing Cloud powered by data that delivers automated marketing solutions designed to work together. The platform provides an end-to-end reporting and analytics solution that unifies marketing campaign data and performance metrics into a consolidated dashboard.

TapClicks supports creating compelling campaign stories to increase efficiency and scale the business. The platform answers the needs of digital agencies, media companies, and enterprises. It offers a complete view of marketing activities to empower organizations to make insightful decisions.

TapClicks also has features for business intelligence, SEO, social and PPC reporting, marketing performance analysis, the creation of interactive visual reports and presentations, and workflow and order management. It leverages over 150 native API integrations with various marketing and advertising platforms. Its ImportWizard feature enables the platform to use data from any source.

Pros of TapClicks

  • TapClicks dashboards are highly customizable and marketers can modify them according to business needs.
  • The platform allows businesses to manage marketing campaigns and performance metrics in a single place.

Cons of TapClicks

  • According to some users, the platform is complex and has a steep learning curve.

Breakdown of core features

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The analytics capabilities of TapClicks were built to improve visualization and understanding. Its Data Grouping/Segmentation feature divides and groups data based on chosen parameters, such as location, for enhanced efficiency. It scales and compares the performance across business parameters for marketers to analyze what strategies work. Organizations can add metadata at any level like campaigns, ads, or ad sets to gain deeper insight. TapClicks normalizes naming conventions and visualizes and compares performance sets. It creates custom metrics to show value.


TapClicks optimizes and shares data with clients in customizable dashboards and automated reports at any time of the day. It grows business relationships, up-sells, and increases client retention. Marketers can communicate and collaborate with clients via online dashboards and reports.

TapClicks makes all data accessible on one platform. It measures offline and online marketing campaigns, aggregating data to tell the story of marketing campaigns. The platform automates reporting, so marketers can focus on campaign optimization and client relationships.

Order management

The solution accelerates Return-on-Investment by simplifying Order Entry. It automates orders and enters client objectives and goals at the point of sale. It also connects CRM, imports files, and creates online forms that adapt to any sales workflow. The system collects details on purchased products applying package guidelines. It enforces minimums and campaign dates, and applies defaults to prevent costly mistakes.

The TapClicks unified dashboard monitors delivery and shows leading indicators and trends. With the platform, businesses get breakdowns of monthly billing by product, task durations by customer, order trending, and product adoption and optimization strategies based on data.

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  • Marketing Operations Platform
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  • Raven (SEM & SEO)
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