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Salesforce DatoramaProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of Salesforce Datorama
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  4. Breakdown of core features

Salesforce Datorama product overview

Salesforce Datorama is an AI-powered centralized intelligence and analytics platform for marketing data and decision-making. The solution empowers marketing teams to move at the speed of the customer with accessible, accurate, and actionable insights.

Salesforce Datorama’s AI technology streamlines the connection and unifies all marketing data in one place. It utilizes KPIs and a data visualization layer that allows marketers to create and share impactful dashboards across their teams. It provides real-time insights and turns opportunities into optimizations.

The platform turns insights into action with cross-platform automation to pause campaigns and share data. Marketers can add goals and alerts to stay in the know when outcomes are achieved or are at risk. Salesforce Datorama’s activation capitalizes on every opportunity by connecting systems, teams, and partners.

Pros of Salesforce Datorama

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  • Salesforce Datorama presents intuitive tools to model, harmonize, and visualize data using clicks and not code.
  • The platform uses Einstein AI and machine learning that drives real results. It automatically unites all data sources with a data modeling tool driven by machine learning.

Cons of Salesforce Datorama

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  • According to some users, Salesforce Datorama comes with a steep learning curve. Others commented that the platform is complicated to use.

Breakdown of core features

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Marketing intelligence

Salesforce Datorama connects the entire ecosystem of the marketing data, regardless of where it lives, what format it’s in, or how much it changes. The solution has an extensive library of marketing API connectors. Marketing teams can organize the data dynamically into the correct KPIs, metrics, and classifications with built-in data model intelligence.

Marketing insights

The platform automates performance monitoring with marketing dashboards that are accessible and shareable. Teams can launch one-click dashboards of the most crucial marketing KPIs with the SmartLenses feature.
Salesforce Datorama’s Insights Engine illuminates marketing intelligence, facilitating optimization and reporting. This feature brings visualizations and AI machine learning to marketing analytics to give a holistic view of all data and empower marketers to make smarter decisions. With the Insights Engine, marketing teams can monitor and report on all of the marketing data in a single platform, providing each stakeholder with the right KPIs, trends, and drill-downs.

Reports and dashboards

Salesforce Datorama dashboards and reports centralize KPI and calculation management while powering dashboards built via drag and drop. It was designed with marketers in mind and enables users to build the right dashboards and reports for each stakeholder and contributor in the organization, allowing team members to collaborate more effectively and make better decisions to move the marketing and business forward.

Salesforce Datorama SmartLenses are one-click dashboards that surface KPIs and insights in an instant. These dashboards also automate discovery and analysis and achieve data modeling and visualization in a single step, bringing all marketers immediate value. SmartLenses simplify marketing analytics, delivering comprehensive insight into key data sources including Facebook, Marketo, Google Adwords, and Moat. It gives access to in-depth KPIs, performance trending, campaign analysis, and segment drill-downs.


Salesforce Datorama Advanced Analytics provides data science depth with embedded predictive and statistical modeling support for custom calculations and models. Users can select their pre-set model or let the platform choose the best forecasting model for the business. Salesforce Datorama supports custom statistical modeling, including regression analysis and predictive analytics.

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  • ROI tracking
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  • Marketing insights
  • Marketing analytics
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Brand optimization


  • Slack
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  • Google Analytics
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  • Tableau
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