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About Looker

Looker is reinventing business intelligence for the modern company. Looker works the way the web does: browser-based, its unique modeling language lets any employee leverage the work of your best data analysts. Operating 100% in-database, Looker capitalizes on the newest, fastest analytic databases — to get real results, in real time.

Looker reinvents the way business intelligence (BI) works by delivering an entirely new kind of data discovery solution that modernizes BI in three important ways. A simplified web-based stack leverages our 100% in-database architecture, so customers can operate on big data and find the last mile of value in the new era of fast analytic databases. An agile development environment enables today’s data rockstars to model the data and create end-user experiences that make sense for each specific business, transforming data on the way out, rather than on the way in. At the same time, a self-service data-discovery experience works the way the web works, empowering business users to drill into and explore very large datasets without ever leaving the browser. As a result, Looker customers enjoy the power of traditional BI at the speed of the web.

Looker is a unified Platform for Data that delivers actionable business insights to every employee at the point of decision. Looker integrates data into the daily workflows of users to allow organizations to extract value from data at web scale. Over 1600 industry-leading and innovative companies such as Sony, Amazon, The Economist, IBM, Spotify, Etsy, Lyft and Kickstarter have trusted Looker to power their data-driven cultures.

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