March 25, 2022

Assembly vs Kudos

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If you’re looking to keep your team connected and improve employee morale, recognition and reward software like Assembly and Kudos might be a solution. These two employee engagement tools often get compared to each other; while they do have a lot of similarities, they also have some key differences.

Today, we’re comparing and contrasting Assembly vs Kudos to help you figure out which solution is a better fit for your business.

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Assembly vs Kudos: Employee Engagement Tool Comparison

Feature Comparison

Assembly’s employee recognition program is based on allocating a set amount of points to each employee. Throughout the month, users send points to teammates they want to recognize, and those points can be redeemed for rewards.

You can also nominate employees for Employee of the Month (or whatever reward you want to create) and celebrate their birthdays or work anniversaries within the program.

It’s important to note that employee recognition is only one of many tools from Assembly. It also offers solutions and tools for workflow automation and hybrid work that seamlessly integrate with the employee recognition software.

Comparatively, Kudos currently only offers an employee recognition solution. Similar to Assembly, Kudos operates based on a points allocation system, which can be redeemed for specified awards, such as gift cards.

The system allows employees to send out recognition alongside a celebratory note and GIF, as well as custom badges for special occasions. Employee activity is posted to a Kudos Wall that showcases everyone’s recognition in a highly visible way.

Kudos also offers a Culture Accelerator to amplify and streamline your culture programs, and a Spaces area to store photos and create custom content that reflects your company culture.


Both Assembly and Kudos receive high marks for their user-friendliness. Considering that both pieces of software are intended to be used by every employee in your company — no matter how technically inclined they are — this is important.

Some users do say that Assembly is a touch easier to set up, while Kudos is easier to use after setting up, but the difference is pretty negligible. A demo should give you a good idea of whether one user interface over the other will be more accessible and familiar to your employees.

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When it comes to analytics, it’s a bit difficult to do a comparison. Assembly just launched their new FLOW Insights analytics toolkit in early 2022, meaning Kudos is no longer the only employee recognition software to offer analytics.

However, given that this is a brand new addition to Assembly, it’s not something that many users have had a chance to review yet. It’s hard to say how Assembly analytics compete with those offered by Kudos.

On the other hand, analytics have been a part of Kudos for a while. In Kudos, each employee recognition message can be tagged with what company values the employee has exhibited (for instance, “creative thinking” or “teamwork”).

With Kudos analytics, you can track trends over time to what values your company culture is leading with, and which ones are languishing behind. Kudos also lets you see who is giving and receiving kudos to each other to gain more insight into team dynamics.

Mobile App

Assembly is only available as a browser-based product, while Kudos offers mobile and desktop apps in addition to the browser experience. If your employees are on their computers all day, then Assembly will probably suffice for your needs.

However, if your employees are constantly on the go and have access to their phones or tablets more often than their laptops, then you should consider going with Kudos due to their app offerings.


Both Assembly and Kudos offer a wide range of integrations for software, ranging from single sign-on (SSO) solutions to team collaboration.

Assembly has more out-of-the-box integrations listed on its website, but Kudos’ open API means you can create custom integrations for just about anything you want — as long as your team has the technical skills.

If you need a ready-to-go integration without messing with an open API, there’s a slightly higher chance Assembly will have it, but Kudos still has a lot of existing integrations with popular software, so don’t count it out without checking first.

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Assembly vs Kudos: Which Should You Choose?

Both Assembly and Kudos are worthy options when it comes to employee recognition software. They offer slightly different feature sets, but there’s still a lot of overlap and similar levels of user-friendliness. Probably the biggest differentiator between the two is Kudos’ mobile app and its open API, versus Assembly’s suite of other in-house software.

There is one other big difference we haven’t mentioned, which is pricing. Kudos doesn’t offer a free trial or a free entry tier to let try before you buy, and it doesn’t make pricing available on its website — it’s all based on custom quotes.

Meanwhile, Assembly offers small teams of up to 10 people a free account with limited features, which is obviously a big perk. Its prices for paid accounts are listed on its website for transparency, as well. This difference in pricing may make the decision for small businesses.

Not sure if Assembly or Kudos is right for your company’s needs? There are lots of other employee rewards and recognition tools out there. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation with one of our software experts, and we’ll help you find the perfect fit for your business.