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Marand is the healthcare software company behind the Think!EHR platform. When asked to develop Slovenia’s eHealth infrastructure, the company shifted focus to the big picture of lifelong healthcare. Marand saw the need for hospitals to efficiently manage a huge array of diverse clinical data. To build a national health back-end for the exchange of clinical documents between 120 institutions, they had to ask: “How will we access the vast amounts of health data we have today 50 years from now?” Leveraging their successful large scale systems experience and knowledge of hospital application needs, Marand developed Think!EHR as the answer.

Think!EHR is a big data, high performance, and vendor-independent solution that stores, manages, retrieves, and exchanges EHR data. Keeping  lifelong healthcare records is challenging since most health data is tied to the application that produces it, which causes data loss and migration issues to ocur during application changes.  The mobile demand for access to health data has resulted in applications that are split into smaller apps with fewer features, and Think!EHR essentially allows these apps to plug into the same data platform and talk to each other. Built with healthcare industry standards like openEHR, IHE, and HL7  in mind, Think!EHR provides a vendor-neutral, open-health data platform. Think!EHR stores information in neutral, openEHR archetypes and templates, allowing multi-language, multi-unit support that can be kept for the lifetime of a patient.

Slovenia is not the only place to revolutionize their eHealth infrastructure. The city of Moscow successfully implemented Think!EHR to establish quality data for their 12 million citizens for years to come. So if a patient has an app for data fitness, a separate one for blood-sugar levels, and a third for reviewing lab results, all that data can now exist on the same platform instead of remaining in silos. By implementing Think!EHR, these cities have provided patients with functional, mobile, and competitive clinical decision support apps.

We recommend Think!EHR to any international healthcare organization looking for a platform that will facilitate health information exchange. 

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