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About HP PPM

HP is a multi-national corporation that provides information technology for customer use as well as laptops, printers and other technological products. They have been the world’s #1 laptop manufacturer since 2007. HP specializes in data storage and advanced hardware used for networking. Although personal computers make up a large portion of their corporation, they also specialize in making industrial servers that are also used for enterprise services. HP markets their products towards households and individual use, while also retaining a strong relationship with small and medium sized business that are looking for software solutions. They have a large online distribution center, but also can be found in retail stores and at large technology vendors. HP has a strong history doing business with China, where they have won the award for the “Most Respected Company in China” from the Economic Observer for nine straight years.

HP’s project and portfolio management software allows users access to a uniquely designed interface which offers special controls that help maintain compliance and reduce costs with organizational tools. It also provides the capacity for top-down resources and helps manage and plan portfolios. It even syncs them with bottom-up costs, assignments and plans. Financial management is a big part of their portfolio management software. It allows you the ability budget your resources for changes that occur within your business. This management software allows C-level executives a dashboard view of resources so that all the relevant information can be brought up easily. For any ad-hoc queries that occur, IT financial management features provide you with IT budgets that can be adapted to the growing needs of your unique business.

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