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Adobe WorkfrontProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of Adobe Workfront
  3. Cons of Adobe Workfront
  4. Breakdown of core features

Adobe Workfront product overview

Adobe Workfront, formerly Workfront, is a work management solution that controls the entire lifecycle of work in one place. The platform is for enterprises looking to strategically prioritize, assign, and complete projects quickly, at any scale. It provides companies with a single system to support planning, collaboration, and governance to unlock organizational productivity and create positive experiences.

Adobe Workfront’s central dashboard allows teams to launch projects by showing available resources and using templates and automation to assign tasks. The software delivers real-time updates that let users see how projects are going and how new work requests will affect resourcing, timelines, and KPIs. It keeps everyone aligned with the organization’s business goals.

Pros of Adobe Workfront

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  • The platform gives teams a unified work management application for sharing ideas, creating content, managing complex processes, and doing their work.
  • It is configurable to support any team, region, project, or program across the organization.

Cons of Adobe Workfront

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  • Some users commented that the platform provides limited report customization options.

Breakdown of core features

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Reviews and approvals

Adobe Workfront streamlines the approval process with online proofing tools and approval automation that let all stakeholders — from marketing to legal teams to clients — work in the same document where creative teams work.

Scenario planner

The Scenario Planner enables managers to anticipate how incoming projects will impact the team so they can always prioritize the highest-value work. This feature simplifies the process of continuous planning. Users can construct multiple what-if scenarios, compare them, and choose the best path forward — at any time in the process and without disrupting work in progress.

Resource management

Teams can balance workloads, reduce costs, and meet targets with the software’s visual resource management tools that show projects, goals, and team capacity. Adobe Workfront’s automation also supports balance requests against organizational priorities by identifying the best team members for the important projects.


The platform has real-time dashboards for managers to track the status of ongoing projects for allocating labor and resources. Reports are customizable to fit specific users’ roles. It allows teams to monitor the percentage of the project completion, planned hours, task number, and projected completion date.

Alternatives to Adobe Workfront

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Intellect is a provider of Cloud BPM software built for a mobile world. Intellect is focused on delivering fast ROIs, and delivers results for mid-sized businesses and departments of large enterprises seeking fast time-to-value. With Intellect, you don't need to be a business process management genius. The Intellect 8 BPM Platform lets users create and manage enterprise apps that include advanced workflow, smart forms, custom reports, and integration capabilities.

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2 WorkflowGen

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WorkflowGen is a management software and BPM solution that accelerates workflow automation and business process digitization. The WorkflowGen .NET workflow software offers a low code environment to maximize the efficiency of process designers and developers. You can automate any type of human and system-based enterprise process within a battle-tested infrastructure. The system offers users the ability to customize and integrate workflow apps to meet user requirements.

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3 Flokzu

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Use the Flokzu cloud to document workflows between individuals or teams. It can be the single version-of-truth for every form, document, or essential file and the Flokzu platform is easily searchable. The custom workflow builder is simple and you can finish a workflow in minutes. Flokzu can put your recurring tasks on autopilot, and once you’ve invited your team and established custom rules to manage or delegate tasks, the system can take care of the rest.

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Quick Facts

  • Industry Specialties
    All Industries
  • Pricing
  • Works Best For
    Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses





  • Task Management
  • Resource Management
  • Gantt Charts
  • Scheduling
  • Workflow Automation
  • Team Collaboration
  • Agile Methodology support
  • Waterfall Methodology support
  • Document Management
  • Timesheet Tracking
  • Change request and Case Management
  • Budget and Expense Management


  • Google Workspace
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • JIRA
  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Drive
  • Box

Pricing Model

  • Enterprise
  • Business
  • Pro


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