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About Zinc

Zinc, formerly known as Cotap, is a software development company based in San Francisco, California. Zinc offers an eponymous enterprise messaging solution with robust security that’s designed to serve the needs of customer-facing employees in or out of the office. 

A mobile-first solution, Zinc allows your employees to share critical information as quickly and easily as they can text their families. This real-time information sharing is essential to your day-to-day operations, but most businesses don’t provide a real solution. As a result, employees turn to consumer messaging apps lacking the enterprise features, security, and administrative controls required for business operations, especially highly-regulated industries like healthcare, finance, etc. Zinc removes this threat by replacing these consumer-grade apps; it allows your employees to communicate in real-time, tells when messages have been delivered/read, supports separate groups based on departments, office locations, projects, or etc.

Zinc supports VoIP and video calling via desktop or mobile, and you can launch global conference calls (up to 1000 participants) with a single tap. It’s integrated with your device’s camera, so you can easily attach images (or other files!) to messages,  and it works for non-camera devices as well, such as desktops. It even offers voice recording messaging, allowing your employees to communicate safely when their hands are busy, or when they have more to say than can be comfortably typed out. 

One of Zinc’s best features is the control it gives you for notifications; messages are intelligently routed to the device you’re currently using, whether that’s a mobile push notification, a desktop pop-up, or via email. You can mute notifications with various options, so you can reduce the noise but still receive important messages. 

We recommend Zinc to any company looking for a secure messaging platform that offers robust functionality and encryption, but especially those organizations in highly regulated industries, or whom handle especially sensitive client information. 

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