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Computer and Technology, Marketing / Public Relations
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Any Sized Businesses

About TaskQue

TaskQue is a productivity management tool which provides users ease to achieve tasks with effective management. Users are able to automatically assign tasks based on resource workload, and TaskQue features help to optimize resources and boost productivity.

The transparent and collaborative layout of the software promotes on-time completion and maximized resource utilization. Resources can track and measure progress by viewing Summary at Task, Project and Workspace levels. Basic and Business platforms allow users to select best suited task management task solution.

The Queue feature automates task assignment process to ensure no resources are overburdened or idle. TaskQue’s communication and collaboration features allow team members and stakeholders to stay in touch. Group members even out productivity with the Group feature, which the TaskQue task allocation algorithm. Multiple workspaces and projects can be simultaneously managed, and TaskQue automatically adjusts workflow as tasks are filled in.

The TaskQue Calendar and Discussion features allow for collaborative input on project progress, schedules, and customer input. Privacy features allow users to share pertinent information with clients while hiding sensitive details. The cloud-based nature removes need for downloading and installing, and automatically saves and updates information throughout project lifecycle. Responsibilities are delegated to users as Admin, Normal and Limited roles, corresponding with varying access levels to workspaces. Keyboard shortcuts and filters allow users to sift through tasks.

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