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About Wooqer

Wooqer offers a do-it-yourself platform that includes solutions for workflow, collaboration, and communication. It allows users to create business solutions both for web and mobile. Examples of solutions that can be created include New store opening, Promo launch, Tracking, Product Feedback, Lost sales tracker, New Season/ Product Launch, Appraisals, Mobile Enablement, Enterprise Social, Project Management, Customer Complaints.

Wooqer allows the creation of solutions for store operations to increase productivity, such as store visit reports, daily store checklists, periodic reports, snag reporting. Operations teams are enabled to support and control stores across chain through a single window. Visual merchandising can be sped up with solutions for roll-out, implementation review, scorecard, training, and best practices. Visual Merchandising teams can look across store chains through real-time planogram sharing with all. Stores submit implementation pictures with time stamp directly from mobile devices which allows all stakeholders to track progress in real-time. Review completion automatically generates a store scorecard. Product and sales training increases conversion, with new product/season launch, sales pitch videos, and ongoing training. The number of views, viewing time, and e-assessment scores are tracked to increase understanding. Comments and content enable Q&A. Store audits save time and effort. Audit operations, global stock count, customer experience, and compliance. Auditors update reports and evidence on the spot via mobile devices, which makes real-time, auto-aggregated reports available to all stakeholders. Notifications and data aggregation facilitate action, analytics, and intervention. Team engagement results in attrition reduction, through two-way communication, employee feedback, social interaction, and townhall interaction. HR teams can connect employees across the organization for contests, talent hunts, and other fun at work programs to reduce attrition. Leaders can communicate with their teams to build transparency, and establish understanding and consensus. Employees are able to share ideas and feedback and collaborate with their peers.
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