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intelliOProduct Overview

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intelliO product overview

intelliO is a CRM and BPM system that provides a suite of tools to improve sales and customer engagement while also increasing business efficiencies through task and workforce automation. As well as having all the core features required from a CRM system, intelliO’s software is built so it can be customized to work with any business sector. Monitor advertising campaigns, manage contacts and leads, track sales, qualify customers, produce quotes and invoices, and manage on-going customer communications with intelliO’s customer relationship management features. 

Pros of intelliO

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intelliO’s “business rules” engine enables even complex tasks to be fully automated. Linking this functionality with tailored input screens, workflows, and documents, business owners can ensure they have complete control of their business at the click of a button, from any device. The API enables seamless integration with a number of other business tools to fully streamline operations and reduce costs whilst boosting productivity.

Cons of intelliO

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intelliO has a dashboard feature, but it can be improved. The good news is IntelliO has it on their road map. While there are better dashboard solutions out there, it is possible to link intelliO with powerBI or other MI suites.

Breakdown of core features

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intelliO is designed for a global economy, and the software can adapt to your company’s needs. Create quotes and invoices in any currency, as well as use their automated currency exchange rate conversion. API allows you to integrate with popular platforms and other external services to enhance functionality.

intelliO gives you all of the tools to create and amend your own system. Everything can be modified from the customer information, right down to a user. All this is possible without the need for developers and consultants, with the added advantage of having a solution that’s backed up and supported by a well-established company you can rely on. Open-source customizations allow you to further adapt the system without a developer using  C# and JavaScript to provide further customization, as well as SQL query and report builder.


Automatically record all outgoing and incoming emails, text messages, and faxes in a single location by matching against their unique reference, phone number, or email address. Built-in mail merge allows you to keep communications personal. Generate PDFs, Word files, and even faxes from the system. Print remotely and send mail from your computer (UK only). intelliO saves every email, document, note, fax, or text message sent and received, so that you have a complete history of a customer, even if you’ve never spoken to them before.


intelliO’s BPM software allows you to visualize and automate your processes from signing up new customers to ordering new stationery. Link tasks with their communications module, enabling you to send automated messages to customers. Set provisions for escalating or switching communication styles as needed. (For example, call in person if three emails are ignored.) Task management lets you assign and view tasks. Automatic email/SMS reminders are sent to users when tasks are assigned, or become overdue. You can even compare two automated workflows to see which is more effective once imported into the system.

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