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BlueshiftProduct Overview

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Blueshift product overview

Blueshift is an AI-enabled solution for cross-channel marketing that helps brands deliver relevant and connected experiences across customer interactions. This solution enables marketing teams to engage with customers through multiple platforms including emails, websites, and mobile applications.

Professionals can use Blueshift’s predictive segmentation tools to segment users based on content interactions, channel engagement, behaviors, user attributes, and geo-location. Customer segmentation is dynamically updated based on the latest customer activity. This AI-powered visual journey builder helps users create and manage personalized campaigns, too.

Blueshift allows marketing teams to connect data from across the entire technology stack and access full 360 views of customers to deliver real-time experiences that are powered by AI. It enables Predictive Intelligence through marketer-accessible AI, which ensures that the right customer is allocated to the right channel.

The solution’s cross-device identity resolution functionality lets employees maintain customer profiles and record client interactions. Blueshift provides a reporting module for businesses to generate campaign reports and gain insights into customer activities.

Pros of Blueshift

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  • Blueshift allows teams to build, deploy, manage, optimize, and measure automated multi-channel campaigns.
  • It lets users create comprehensive and unified customer profiles with complete historical and real-time behaviors.

Cons of Blueshift

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  • Some users reported that the solution has a steep learning curve and lacks clear documentation.
  • Users commented that Blueshift has limited reporting capabilities.

Breakdown of core features

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Blueshift provides features to help improve marketing effectiveness and multi-channel campaigns.

Predictive segmentation

Blueshift’s predictive segmentation identifies customers’ likelihood to engage, purchase, and churn. Its predictive models are fully transparent and customizable to every business need. It provides actionable predictive scores that rank each customer based on their likelihood to perform the desired action. Predictive scores and segments dynamically update with every customer action, so marketing teams can always act on the latest customer insights and activity. Users can measure the impact of predictive scores against actual results to ensure the AI is driving the desired business impact.

Predictive affinities

The solution enables businesses to connect customers with content that is likely to drive the greatest engagement. Its predictive affinities feature adapts in real time based on customers’ current context and latest behaviors, ensuring that the content will stay fresh and relevant throughout the entire customer journey. Users can pull directly from any product and content catalogs and incorporate them into messages across channels.

Engage time optimization

Blueshift lets businesses drive conversation with relevant and timely messages that trigger during critical moments of the user journey. Marketing teams can optimize send times based on when each customer is most likely to fully engage with the brand. AI can be used to determine the best time of day to send messages to each user and when customers are most likely to engage with these messages.

Channel engagement scores

The software allows marketing teams to engage and interact with customers on the channel that will drive the most impact. It can automatically determine which channel each customer is most likely to engage with in real time based on a deep analysis of customer engagement and behaviors. Users can deepen audience engagement with robust channel engagement scores that factor in historical campaign engagement, catalog interactions, and customer attributes. Businesses can save time, effort, and resources with more precisely targeted customer experiences that adapt to each user in the moment.

(Last updated on 02/02/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

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  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Source
  • Data Enrichment
  • 360-degree Customer view
  • Behavior Tracking
  • Audience Builder
  • Multi-step Marketing


  • Zendesk
  • Google Analytics
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Intercom
  • Shopify
  • Twitter
  • AdRoll
  • Twilio
  • Magento
  • Mailgun

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  • Predictive Enterprise


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