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About Sift

Sift, an employee engagement platform for the modern workplace, empowers HR leaders and front line managers with the tools they need to understand and engage their workforce. Sift automates the survey creation and distribution processes to deliver actionable insights to all levels of the organization. These insights help drive employee engagement, improve employee retention, and increase revenue.

Sift’s pulse surveys are built upon the six core drivers of employee engagement. Each week employees receive a short survey on one of these categories, where they can provide honest, anonymous feedback. Managers, directors, and HR leaders then receive custom dashboards with results for their team, their division, or the entire organization.

Using our dynamic dashboards, leaders can track their employee engagement metrics over time and across different demographics. Sift allows organizations of all sizes to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of their culture, and uncover hidden trends in their engagement data. Sift is especially useful in organizations that have recently undergone rapid growth, are going through a change in leadership, or are transitioning a majority millennial workforce.

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