December 26, 2019

The 5 Best Pre-Employment Testing Software Solutions

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Pre-employment testing software can be a major time saver for recruiters. Instead of spending extra time during interviews asking candidates detailed questions about their qualifications, recruiters can have candidates complete skills assessments as part of their applications. There are many pre-employment testing vendors out there, so we put together a shortlist of the best ones, in no particular order.

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WonScore from Wonderlic

A GIF showing how the user interface in WonScore works.

TechnologyAdvice rating: 4.5/5

WonScore from Wonderlic takes its name from a clever play on words. The software gives candidates three tests on cognitive ability, motivation, and personality to see if they’re a good fit for your company. Results from all three tests are combined into one score (get it?) and then sent to recruiters for review. Recruiters can see a list of applicants ranked from highest to lowest scores so they don’t waste time reviewing candidates who are most likely to be a poor fit.


Screenshot of the user interface in eSkill for desktop and mobile.

TechnologyAdvice rating: 4.5/5

eSkill lets you test candidates using four different assessment methods:

  1. Modular assessments
  2. Subject-based assessments
  3. Job-based assessments
  4. Video interviewing

You can either create your own tests for applicants to take, or you can choose from over 800 different pre-built tests. If you’d rather make your own test, eSkill lets you write your own questions, choose from a list of their questions, or a mix. You can also use software simulations for applications like Microsoft Office to test applicants’ ability with certain tools. After candidates complete an assessment, eSkill prepares a report of their results for hiring managers to review.


GIF showing how to build a skills assessment in Vervoe.

TechnologyAdvice rating: 4.5/5

Vervoe not only helps companies ensure they hire someone who can do the job, but it also helps companies to be more inclusive. Approaching applications by “screening in” candidates instead of screening them out, Vervoe uses skills assessments to determine if a candidate is qualified instead of only looking for certain items on their resumes. If a candidate does well on their assessments, recruiters can see their full background, request a video interview, and decide if they want to move forward or not. Plus, Vervoe uses AI to grade responses for you, including submissions like writing and coding.

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Screenshot of the HireSelect dashboard.

TechnologyAdvice rating: 5/5

HireSelect uses a mix of aptitude, personality, and skills tests to help you find the right candidates for the job. Aptitude tests focus on skills like critical thinking and problem solving, while skills tests focus on testing a candidate’s ability to perform the essential functions of a job. This system comes at a custom flat price, billed annually, and allows for unlimited test use. The flat price does vary depending on the size of your company, but companies of all sizes use the tool.

Interview Mocha

Screenshot of the analytics tool in Interview Mocha.

TechnologyAdvice rating: 4.5/5

Interview Mocha is powerful skills assessment tool that works especially well for companies in the tech industry. Users gain access to Interview Mocha’s library of skills assessments, which include tests for IT and over 20 coding languages. The software also comes with cognitive tests and industry-specific tests to determine how knowledgeable candidates are about the field you work in. Analytics and reporting come with the software, and one-click integration with many popular ATS solutions makes for a seamless hiring process.

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