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Founded in 2012 by business intelligence and CRM expert Gal Rimon, Centrical offers comprehensive solutions for medium-to-large enterprises and any organization looking to improve their employees’ performance. Centrical is especially designed to aid organizations with sales, service, eLearning, onboarding, and collaboration via gamification principles.

Centrical’s enterprise solutions provide highly customizable answers to many business needs. Centrical is primarily used in businesses that rely on or maintain call centers, contact centers, help desks, and other similar operations. Their system is fully integrated into user desktops with push¬†notifications, pop-ups, and toast cards built into Centrical’s user-friendly interface. Administrators can send encouraging content, change and update goals, track progress, give rewards, and create and award new badges and incentives.

Centrical also has many features typically restricted to learning management systems (LMS), including quizzes, simulations, learning paths, and reference material storage, and Centrical can be integrated with legacy LMS software to leverage existing content. In addition to LMS integrations, Centrical’s enterprise solution is pre-integrated with CRM offerings from Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, and dozens more data sources. Centrical’s IntegrationHub API allows administrators to create new interfaces with almost any software or data source with no coding skills required.

Various businesses that utilize call centers have implemented Centrical’s enterprise solution in a multitude of ways. Centrical can gamify almost anything and transform work into rich graphical narratives and compelling activities like fantasy sports, TV game shows, raffles, competitions, and city themes to encourage teams to cooperate and work to improve. One call center saw an across-the-board improvement of 10% in the effectiveness of their employees. Additionally, one Fortune500 company with over 1200 sales reps saw upwards of 400% improvement in learning behaviors when implementing three different products over a period of one year. Centrical can be an effective solution for businesses that require full control, customization, and use of CRM systems to conduct daily business.

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