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Virtual team building for remote teams
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Water Cooler TriviaProduct Overview

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Water Cooler Trivia product overview

Water Cooler Trivia is a weekly trivia contest for work teams. Each week, a 10-question trivia contest is emailed to all participants. They can answer the questions at their leisure throughout the day. The next morning, results are sent, highlighting the office champ, the funniest wrong answer, the overall standings, and more. A weekly asynchronous culture-builder, it works especially well for remote and distributed teams that are longing for “water cooler” conversations but aren’t in the same office or timezone.

The trivia contests are customizable — groups can adjust the difficulty of each contest between easy, medium, and hard. Likewise, categories can be flipped on/off including Sports & Games, Pop Culture, and Word Play. In addition, groups can choose a category Water Color Trivia can write just for you. Real-life examples from current customers include: Transportation, Boston, Medicine, and Reality TV. Larger offices can create “teams” so that each individual is competing against the office and within their own team. Teams are typically divisions or departments. Teams compete against each other each week, where the winning team is determined by the cumulative score of the top three participants from each team. There’s no limit to the number of teams in a group.

Pros of Water Cooler Trivia

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Water Cooler Trivia’s ease of setup and ongoing maintenance separates it from its competitors. Once a group is created, there’s no additional work needed such as question writing, team management, or grading of trivia responses. Automating all of this is a hand-built automated platform and hand-researched thousands of trivia questions. In addition, Water Cooler Trivia follows a set weekly schedule, creating a sense of regularity and permanence without becoming a chore. Office engagement tactics that are sporadic or daily run the risk of becoming forgettable or chore-like.

Cons of Water Cooler Trivia

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Water Cooler Trivia is not meant to be a replacement for more holistic employee engagement apps that regularly survey and measure employee morale and manager-employee relationships. WCT is a more lightweight piece of software that is likely to fall into “nice to have” rather than “mission critical” at most companies.

Breakdown of core features

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WCT can be adjusted to fit your team’s culture and interests. Choose the categories each team wants and add a “personalized” category for each team. The possibilities are endless. Users are also able to exclude questions based on geography and adjust contest length and difficulty.


Answers are automatically scored, along with leaderboards to track the winners and category leaders over time and superlatives: celebrate both the winners and the participants with awards like the funniest wrong answer and the “oh-so-close” wrong answer. These superlative awards make contests more fun for non-trivia gurus on the team and are a cherry-on-top of the automated grading process.

Slack integration

Skip email and use the workplace tool where your team is already living. Players are able to sign up, log in, take trivia contests, and view results from Slack.

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  • Customizable Difficulty & Categories
  • Tiebreakers
  • Free Response, Multiple Choice, and Image-Based Questions
  • Personalized Questions
  • Automated Results
  • Superlatives & Awards
  • Customized Branding
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Roster Management
  • Reporting & Stats
  • Slack
  • $10 per month: Up to 10 coworkers
  • $25 per month: 11 - 25 coworkers
  • $50 per month: 26 - 50 coworkers
  • $100 per month: 51 - 100 coworkers
  • $250 per month: 101 - 250 coworkers
  • English