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TribePadProduct Overview

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TribePad product overview

TribePad provides talent acquisition software specializing in medium to large organizations. Together, the software platforms can manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish. Create a job posting using TribePad that is more likely to attract better candidates, thanks to their mobile-first Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Their career pages also integrate with social and email marketing. Segment and nurture talent and use their search feature to narrow the candidate pool more effectively. Screening tools, from right-to-work checks and aptitude testing, also helps identify top talent. Track and rank candidates in a real-time dashboard with a pre-defined scoring matrix, and even use their analytics to track diversity compliance, time-to-hire, and cost of acquisition.

Pros of TribePad

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TribePad is highly configurable and easy to learn. A dedicated Account Manager helps users get the most out of the software. The ATS is designed to eliminate “gut feeling” hires with their scoring matrix informed by company needs and priorities.

Cons of TribePad

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TribePad is UK-based, so time zones may come into play when communicating with the Account Manager.

Breakdown of core features

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With 77% of applications now done on mobile devices, TribePad’s ATS is designed to be mobile-first. Partner integrations post to hundreds of job boards with a single click. Social and e-mail marketing also helps users promote open roles. Smart talent pools allow users to retain and organize candidates for future roles. Finally, choose the interviewee with TribePad’s partner network of screening tools. Candidate communication and interview scheduling is automated, removing the admin burden from a team. The entire process can support anonymous applications to ensure diversity requirements are fulfilled, and the best hiring outcomes achieved.


Once an offer is accepted, TribePad’s onboarding software streamlines bringing on new employees. Generate an electronic employment contract and send it to candidates directly from within the system using one of TribePad’s fully brandable and customizable templates. Candidates can sign using DocuSign. Create role-specific workflows with the new employee dashboard, and track who has completed which tasks. Request candidates read and complete all the relevant documentation such as employee handbook, health and safety policy, and employee benefits booklet, or any kind of policy or questionnaire that forms part of the onboarding process.

Video Interviewing

Integrating with the ATS software, the video interviewing platform can be used on any device. Using the interviewing software, recruiters can set their own criteria to rate candidates. AI, facial recognition, and speech analytics can also create personality profiles and even rate the emotional intelligence of a candidate.

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  • Amazon
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  • Broadbean
  • Click IQ
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  • Indeed
  • Vacancy Poster
  • Accio Data
  • First Advantage
  • Onfido
  • Verifile
  • Allyo
  • ABIntegro
  • HireVue
  • Mystery Applicant
  • Adobe Sign
  • DocuSign
  • Oracle and PeopleSoft
  • SAP
  • WorkDay
  • LinkedIn
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