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PeopleGroveProduct Overview

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PeopleGrove product overview

PeopleGrove is an integrated alumni management platform that encourages learners at every stage of their journey to flourish. It empowers institutions to bring personalized, mentor-focused communities to students and alumni from enrollment to long after graduation.

PeopleGrove connects every student and alumni with the network and resources they need to realize their full potential before, during, and after their time in college. The platform creates meaningful connections and a deep-rooted community. It provides support by bringing the power of communities to individuals when and where they need it while guiding them on best practices to make the most of the connections they build.

The platform delivers a matching algorithm, allowing teams to receive automated connection recommendations. Administrators can view unread messages, share thank-you messages, and send meeting requests to nurture relationships. PeopleGrove also enables managers to create documents to guide members, post articles, and facilitate communication via discussion boards.

Pros of PeopleGrove

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  • PeopleGrove works right out of the box, with features and functions to let the business support employees wherever they may be. The platform grows and scales, so it works for any-sized organization.
  • It simplifies launching communities and programs. The PeopleGrove team can have programs up and running in just days.

Cons of PeopleGrove

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  • Some users commented that the platform lacks in-depth customization options.

Breakdown of core features

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Project-based learning

PeopleGrove Projects allows real-world understanding and mentored learning. In addition to driving learner engagement, it catalyzes career-skill development and increases alumni affinity. It offers real-world, short-term work projects sourced directly from communities. Moreover, it gives step-by-step guidance from industry mentors on a centrally-controlled platform.

Mobile app

Organizations can customize the PeopleGrove mobile app to fit their brand. The app works on every operating system and is ready for use on day one. With the app, learners enjoy Google Maps-based searching and discovery whenever they are on the road. The mobile app supports seamless integrated messaging. All messages between parties are neatly tied together in a single communication thread in their inbox, preserving privacy while keeping it simple.

Advanced matching algorithm

With PeopleGrove’s advanced matching algorithm feature, users receive recommendations to connect with other learners who are like-minded and likely to respond based on their activity levels.

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