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OneHR product overview

OneHR is a human resources software system designed to streamline and simplify HR management for more efficient business function. With OneHR, companies are provided with real-time data insights to help make better management decisions.

The system’s software has been built to smartly and intuitively resolve company HR issues. It enables business to track, monitor ,and engage with its employees and at the same time provides managers with a centralized overview of employee data. Employees are equipped with self-service tools to assist and create an improved user experience.

Breakdown of core features

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Holiday Manager/Calendar

OneHR eliminates the need for any paper-based logging of vacation and leave time with an easy-to-use electronic calendar.

Unlimited Document Storage

OneHR provides business with a centralized document storage solution with unlimited storage room.

Absence/Tardiness Management

Business can track and keep record of team absence and lateness to work, which can have a negative impact on business productivity and output.

Report Generator

By having all HR data in one place, OneHR simplifies data analytics and makes that analysis more accurate based on up-to-date, live data.

Alternatives to OneHR

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Quick Facts

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  • Absence and tardiness management
  • Archive system
  • Cloud hosting
  • Employee directory
  • Encrypted remote backup
  • Encryption
  • Holiday manager and calendar
  • HR support
  • Performance management
  • Report generator
  • Task management
  • Unlimited document storage

Pricing Model

  • Quote-based


  • English

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