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MyRecruitment+Product Overview

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MyRecruitment+ product overview

MyRecruitment+ is an enterprise-grade recruitment and onboarding software. MyRecruitment+ is a cloud and SaaS-based software that collects, stores, and saves data that flows from each feature, resulting in data accuracy and less manual labor. You can access the platform from any device at any time, and multiple users can utilize the platform at the same time, resulting in efficient collaboration, productivity, and a quicker time to hire. The product is also end-to-end, meaning it can be used throughout all stages of recruitment — requisition, recruitment, onboarding, and payroll integration.

MyRecruitment+ is a free tier product, meaning small companies, or companies that do not hire frequently, can utilize the features of the platform at no cost. This is not a trial, this free plan is for an unlimited amount of time.

Pros of MyRecruitment+

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The platform is enterprise grade, meaning every feature is completely customizable and the software offers maximum flexibility. No branding, workflow, or sub-feature is set in stone. Clients have complete control over design and can remove or add any data fields or requirements of their company’s process. Each recruitment process can be updated and redesigned at any time depending on workplace updates and regulations. There are endless possibilities with the software.

Cons of MyRecruitment+

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Currently, MyRecruitment+ offers bulk SMS and email capabilities to any and all segments of employees. However, there is no integrated Employee Referral Program. This is currently underway and expected to arrive soon to enable clients to share available positions to their social platforms, increase the efficiency of internal referrals, reduce the cost of recruitment advertising, and reduce the time needed to hire.

Breakdown of core features

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Within the software, a recruiter can create an ideal candidate profile and customize the workflow to ensure each member of the process gets notified regarding the submitted request-for-approval. Once submitted, the first necessary employee can view and accept (or reject) the request, which signals the next one and so on. You can create and save different forms and templates, and each user can make digital notes for all other users can view. Once the request-for-approval has been approved, the data that was originally submitted can automatically be transferred into a job advertisement. You can create and save different advertisement templates with different branding and sharing capabilities. Afterwards, post the advertisement to as little or as many job boards all within one click (multi-job posting).


Create templates for advertisements, search for candidates based on keywords, and share candidates with other HR users for notes. You can also rate candidates out of 5 stars based on their suitability and rearrange their visibility based on ratings and notes. These functions enable you to shortlist candidates. Video Interviews and AI Psychometric assessments are also visible in the candidate profile, and a request for each can be inserted into the application process. The video interviews and psychometric assessments can be shared with other users to comment. The user can update the progress of the candidate, which will appear next to the candidate’s name, segmenting the applications into different groups. The user can send bulk or individual SMS and emails to candidates from the platform, allowing communication also saved to the platform to show the communication history.


The data collected in the beginning phases of your recruitment process (requisition and recruitment) is automatically saved to the company’s MyRecruitment+ platform. Once a candidate is successful, this data is automatically generated in the employee contract, allowing data accuracy and efficiency. The company can create as many onboarding pack templates (such as different templates for different departments and positions) that hold standard information such as tax forms, bank nomination forms, and terms and conditions of the role. All data can be edited and updated. The packs can also include videos that require a signature after watching, such as training videos on safety or workplace practices. This ensures all new hires are informed about standardized information. The onboarding packs can be texted, emailed, and completed online on any device, so candidates can fill out the form anywhere and anytime.

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