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HireVueProduct Overview

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HireVue product overview

HireVue is an enterprise-level platform that automates workflows to streamline scaling the hiring process. The software improves the way recruitment teams discover, engage, and hire talent. It also enables a faster, fairer, and friendlier hiring experience for hiring staff and candidates alike.

HireVue integrates with various ATS and calendar systems to automate workflows. It facilitates tedious and time-consuming hiring activities with conversational AI, video interviewing, assessments, and automated scheduling. This recruitment software focuses on resolving pressing hiring challenges including time to hire, new hire diversity, and candidate experience.

Pros of HireVue

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  • HireVue’s AI-driven predictions find talent faster, increase diversity, and mitigate bias. It considers more applicants and drives consistency.
  • The platform identifies the attributes most critical for success when hiring new employees for high–volume casual positions. HireVue’s proprietary machine learning algorithms surface the candidates that will interact best with customers and represent the brand in real, customer-centric situations.

Cons of HireVue

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  • According to some users, HireVue offers limited features in terms of communicating with candidates directly through the platform.

Breakdown of core features

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Live and on-demand video interviewing

HireVue’s live and on-demand interviewing feature initiates a more convenient and scalable process for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. Recruiters and hiring teams can consistently assess recorded interviews, see more candidates in less time, and eliminate endless evaluations.

Pre-hire assessments

The software deploys scientifically-validated assessments to allow the organization to zero in on the qualified candidates. It enables recruiting teams to engage with candidates and minimize bias in the selection process to drive positive and profitable growth.

Conversational AI

The platform offers 24/7 candidate engagement and automated workflows through text, web, and WhatsApp interfaces. Through HireVue’s conversational AI, organizations can speed up the hiring process, unlock recruiter productivity, and create better overall experiences for recruiters, candidates, and hiring teams.

Structured interview guides

HireVue replaces the ad hoc and inconsistent interview process with an interview builder that automatically selects questions and evaluation criteria based on job-related attributes and skills. This feature gives recruiters and hiring managers access to more than 1,000 job-specific interview guides vetted by Organizational Psychologists, which provides more consistency and fairness in the interview process.

Alternatives to HireVue

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  • Structured interview builder
  • Video interviewing
  • Conversational AI
  • Interview scheduling
  • Interview assessments
  • Game-Based assessments
  • Coding assessments


  • Sap SuccessFactors
  • PageUp
  • Greenhouse
  • Oracle Taleo Cloud
  • SmartRecruiters
  • IBMKenexa

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