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Big BillerProduct Overview

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Big Biller product overview

Big Biller is Top Echelon’s software for agency recruiters and executive search consultants that offers applicant tracking (ATS) and client relationship management (CRM) features in a single recruitment solution. It is designed to manage the placement and hiring process for growing recruiting teams and organizations.

Big Biller is specifically created to save recruiters time through the automation of applicant sourcing and tracking features. These features include resume parsing, email parsing, bulk resume uploads, custom fields, custom workflows, import/export spreadsheets, duplicate checking, record merging, tagging, full text searching, and radius search. The software also includes a candidate portal for recruiting agencies’ websites.

The software offers CRM features built to help recruiters stay in front of their clients and candidates and maintain high levels of communication during the hiring lifecycle. Big Biller’s CRM features include custom pipeline stages, email integration, calendar integration, custom workflows, activity planner, email templates, custom activities, reporting, and notification system.

Big Biller is a cost-effective recruiting software that provides free onboarding, training, and technical support to its customers for the life of the service. As a browser-based cloud solution, the software is also updated regularly, with monthly reports regarding updates and upgrades emailed to users on a monthly basis.

Pros of Big Biller

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  • Big Biller is designed for third-party recruiting agencies. It has an intuitive interface to help agency recruiters and search consultants navigate through the software comfortably. Recruiters can use the features of Big Biller to streamline the recruiting process on a daily basis, resulting in both increased production and time savings.
  • Big Biller’s Job Order Pipeline allows users to see who is being considered for a position and where they stand in the process. Recruiters use Big Biller’s Business Development Hotlists to create custom lists of people or company records for the purpose of business development. These Hotlists help recruiters save time so they can focus on tasks that can increase profits.
  • Big Biller’s Activity Planner lets users schedule events, meetings, calls, and tasks to monitor what they need to do, what’s completed, and what’s overdue. In addition, the software’s reporting features allow agency owners to gain a better understanding of how well they and their team is performing. There are three types of reports within Big Biller: Activity Reports, Pipeline Reports, and Placement Reports.

Cons of Big Biller

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  • Big Biller does not provide integrations and partnerships with every complementary technology product in the marketplace, but is constantly seeking new partnerships and software integrations for a better user experience.

Breakdown of core features

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Resume Parsing

Big Biller pulls out important data points from the resume and builds a record (contact information, work history, education, certifications, and customized tags).

Adding Records

Big Biller provides multiple options for adding candidate and job order data besides manual entry, including email parsing capability and a bulk data importing tool.

Email Marketing

Big Biller saves users time by allowing the logging of emails in and out of the software and creating email templates. Users can also send individual and mass emails from the system.

Job Posting

Big Biller allows users to post opportunities to the biggest and most popular job posting sites, including Monster and ZipRecruiter, to provide job postings with more exposure. When candidates apply for these jobs, their information is automatically added to the database.

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Quick Facts

  • Industry Specialties
    Staffing / Recruiting
  • Pricing
  • Works Best For
    Any Sized Businesses





  • Email Parsing
  • Chrome Extension
  • Bulk Resume Uploads
  • Contact Importer (Import Spreadsheets)
  • Advanced Searching
  • Job Order Pipelines
  • Hotlists
  • Texting
  • Email
  • Email Templates and Signatures
  • Outlook Add-In
  • Planner
  • Notifications
  • Customization (Fields, Datasheets, Activity Types, Pipelines, etc)
  • Reporting
  • Privacy Compliance Features (CCPA/GDPR)
  • Job Board
  • Job Posting


  • Google Suite
  • Outlook Add-In
  • iCal
  • Chrome Extension tool
  • Big Biller Job Board

Pricing Model

  • Monthly plan
  • Annual plan


  • English