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About Bullhorn

Bullhorn, launched in 1999, started as a way for creative professionals to find work. Now, the company provides applicant tracking software and HR solutions to businesses in more than 150 companies. It serves more than 10,000 clients and more than 200,000 unique users. Bullhorn was founded by Art Papas, a man who coded the first versions of the software himself. After discovering how effective the service was for recruiters, he devised an open API that would function with preexisting HR systems. This understanding of the industry lead to Bullhorn’s rapid rise.

Bullhorn’s applicant tracking software is a powerful way to find and manage qualified talent. Not only can recruiters use the recruitment software to accept resumes, they can monitor applicants through the entire hiring process. Keep notes on job seeker interviews, forward information to hiring managers and stay in touch with the candidates themselves. This powerful applicant management software thrives on communication. Recruiters enjoy the ability to instantly respond to job applicants while managers can track recruiter activity as it happens. As an added bonus, this HR software boasts the unique “Bullhorn Reach” function. Now, companies can integrate social media into every recruitment strategy. Post jobs, manage candidates and fill positions without leaving the interface. This applicant tracking software is a powerful resource for every growing business. Ensure your HR staff is working at full potential. Bullhorn’s applicant tracking software provides a full-feature solutions to companies that value a seamless hiring process.

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