May 27, 2013

Application Performance Management: Just Do IT

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The life cycle of an app is a time-consuming and costly process. A developer must be dedicated from the moment the idea for an app is conceived, throughout the stages of development and finally sending it off into the world to be accepted (or rejected) in the marketplace. But the job doesn’t end there, developers still need to keep an eye on the user experience, which can include monitoring and updating the app as necessary.

Application Performance Management (APM) is a necessity for any and all stages of the app life cycle. Whether it is embedded into the app when it’s being built or being injected after it’s released, the ability to monitor the performance of your application can literally make it or break it.

So how do you find the APM tool that’s right for you? There are many factors to consider depending on where you are in the development process. It is important to find a tool that will deliver the information you need without flooding you with tons of alerts and alarms that could set your head spinning. If you spend too much time analyzing raw metrics then you won’t have enough time left to actually fix the problems. Find a balance that works for you and your team. Companies like AppDynamics, have recognized that managing instrumentation across different tiers of your application is one of the biggest barriers to implementing APM today. Their solution can provide a single view that can be used across multiple tiers (developers, performance testers and operations), therefore making it easier to gauge performance even in a complex environment.

Now just because you are able to get your app to market doesn’t guarantee it will be a success. According to a study posted by New Relic, “More than 60% of apps in the Apple App Store have never been downloaded and of those that have, one in four is abandoned after its initial use. A quality user experience can be the difference between one that’s successful and one that’s not.” Their product, New Relic for Mobile Apps, gives real time, actionable insight into your app’s performance that you can use to help your app beat those odds.

Users are becoming increasingly demanding as new technology and innovations are readily available to them. In order to recoup the investments made in developing your app, you must strategize and devise a plan that will ensure your users are not only continually using your app, but enjoying it too!

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