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About Shiftboard

Shiftboard is a time-clock solution specially made for shift-based work environments, where scheduling is at the core of day-to-day operations. It includes scheduling automation, workforce management, and real-time communication, allowing businesses to optimize schedules and manage the workforce more efficiently.

Shiftboard automates applicant tracking and onboarding to ensure all workers (full-time, part-time, contingent, and volunteers) have completed required screening and onboarding steps such training. Shiftboard makes it simple to engage applicants and bring on new hires.

With Shiftboard, users can build schedules, assign shifts, communicate with teams and workers all in real-time. Shiftboard automates schedule creation and assignment to eliminate unwanted overtime, produce the best schedules every time, and manage the unexpected. Shiftboard makes it easy to automate timekeeping and improve worker accountability. Five timekeeping options are available for employees clocking in and out — including a mobile app, QR code, and call-in. Shiftboard allows users to track time off requests, see who is clocked in, and be alerted to no-shows. In addition, Shiftboard automates time card creation and integrates with a wide variety of payroll systems.

Shiftboard connects everyone in a company in real-time via call, email, text, or message board. Users can share documents, shift details, and last-minute updates to coordinate better. Management can automate shift reminders, contact no-shows, and allow staff to contact them to enhance accountability.

Dispersed workforce? No problem. Shiftboard’s iOS and Android apps keep workers on point and engaged with instant schedule access and communication tools. Allow staff to check shift details, clock in or out, pick up or swap shifts, and more.

Shiftboard provides key operational data and metrics with a rich set of reports to meet any company’s needs. Users can view historical trends, assess current conditions, check budget alignment, and even forecast future demand with the Demand Planner tool. With Shiftboard, it’s easy to gain the actionable insight into operations. Reducing conflicts and viewing employee availability is easy with Shiftboard. It provides real-time data and reports on employees to help companies make better scheduling decisions faster.

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