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About Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s premier cloud storage system. Azure is targeted toward corporations, and allows businesses to perform functions such as storing data, building applications, and managing SaaS computing. For big data, Azure provides storage for many different data forms and allows developers to build applications entirely within the cloud system, increasing efficiency of developers.

Data management is easy with Azure, as the system provides internal storage, an SQL database, HDInsight services, and a data cache. Azure’s SQL Server not only provides an easily accessible and affordable means for storing and protecting data, but also allows developers to build and test cloud based applications from their stored data. Azure’s Blob Service stores unstructured data such as videos, photos, and PDFs, which can later be integrated into application designs. For companies with restrictive data policies, Azure can restrict valuable information to company offices, and provides a secure SQL database for information that can be taken off-premise.

The auto manufacturer BMW used Microsoft’s Azure software to launch a comprehensive marketing campaign for the release of two new car models. Using Azure’s data services, BMW was able to collect audience data from social media marketing efforts via Facebook, then analyze and manage it through BMW’s own interface. This allowed BMW to adjust its strategy to better fit its audience without wasting the time and money typically required to make such discoveries.

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