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About Workday Recruiting

Identified Recruit was recently acquired by Workday, a leader in software-as-a-service enterprise solutions for financial management, payroll and human resources. Workday has rebranded Identified Recruit as Workday Recruiting, offering much of the same functionality, but with expanded features and support.

Workday Recruiting is talent management software enhancing the process of driving candidates to your jobs. Using the social web as its playground, Workday Recruiting gives you access to over one billion profiles. With its patent-pending search technology, you can quickly locate hard-to-find candidates as the top candidates can easily be culled from the pile with the click of a button. Messages that will stand out from the crowd will be drafted and in your outbox, waiting for you to finalize and send. Identified also offers multiple messaging templates and the response rates to the messages are truly amazing, making it easier to focus on the top talent. With Workday Recruit’s easy-to-create folders, your recruitment efforts are quickly organized. Just save your searches and Workday Recruiting can do the rest by sourcing new candidates and delivering them to your in box. HR professionals now have rapid access to passive job candidates, giving them a huge pool of talent to draw from. All recruiting activities are now easily tracked in a single platform. This recruitment management software is a state-of-the-art tool for leveraging social networks to engage and recruit the best talent.

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