December 24, 2020

UltiPro vs Workday: 2022 Review

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Your global company needs a human capital management (HCM) software that combines HR management data, payroll, and talent management in a single data source. As you research, you’ll likely need to compare UltiPro vs. Workday, as they’re both global payroll and HR solutions.

But multinational companies still have different needs. Some may need the ability to choose the most important modules and tools for their business requirements, while others may want to connect HR data to the company’s other financial metrics. UltiPro and Workday both offer extensive HCM solutions for medium to large enterprise companies, but their capabilities differ.

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UltiPro overview

UltiPro, offered by Ultimate Software, is an HCM solution with HR, payroll, and talent management features. In addition to the HCM modules found in UltiPro, Ultimate Software also provides HR data analytics, HR consulting services, and an Employee Survey solution. UltiPro serves large multinational companies with a global HCM and integrations with local payroll services in 65 countries.

Workday overview

Workday is available as an integrated finance, HR, and ERP solution that brings together a company’s HR and financial data for better reporting, analysis, and forecasting. We’ll focus on the HCM platform for this article, which includes HR management tools, reporting, global compliance, payroll, and talent management features.

HR management features in UltiPro vs. Workday

The UltiPro HR modules include a global system of record, global regulation compliance, HR reporting, recruiting, and onboarding features. Because UltiPro is an integrated HCM tool, the software comes ready with connections to payroll and talent management tools. As a result, HR spends less time re-entering personal information across the software.

Use the UltiPro compliance tools to report and print mail-ready audits for US and Canadian regulations. Employees can use the case management tools in the employee portal to search for help or request information directly from a team member. And the company can run their benefits administration through the self-service tool or sign up for UltiPro Benefits Prime, a managed solution for benefits shopping.

Workday takes a global approach to financials and HR management, which means that the software comes ready to manage international HR regulations, and financial and HR tools communicate for better analysis and revenue forecasting. Specifically, the HR management tools provide insight into how people, financials, and organizational structures affect revenue and performance.

Workday’s HR management tools meet global regulations first, then drill down into country, state, and local controls, which helps companies ensure compliance at every level. Combined with data analytics throughout the software, the tools provide companies with deep insight into financial wellbeing and regulatory standing.

How UltiPro manages payroll

PTO requests in UltiPro

UltiPro lets companies build their own payroll system by purchasing modules that meet their needs. Choose from time clock, labor scheduling, compensation management, payroll solutions, and integration with a global payroll provider.

Companies can purchase the analog or touch screen time clock to track employee hours and provide each employee with access to their personalized HR profile from the touch screen kiosk. Payroll processing is limited to US and Canada, but UltiPro does offer direct connections with payroll processing companies in 65 countries.

How Workday manages payroll

Workday payroll

Workday integrates payroll and HR management tools to ensure that information moves from hiring to payroll seamlessly. They promise that with their HR system of record, you’ll only have to enter employee data once.

Workday will process payroll for US, Canada, UK and France, and will connect via a certified integration with another global payroll provider for other countries. Companies can also watch for tax changes in a compliance dashboard, and those changes automatically populate in audit and tax tools.

UltiPro talent management

UltiPro Talent Dashboard.

UltiPro talent management includes a learning module, employee surveys with sentiment analysis, onboarding, and performance reporting. Each of these modules is offered separately, so companies can choose those that work best for their HR models.

UltiPro’s predictive analytics software gives HR professionals and managers insight into retention, performance, and engagement for individuals and departments. When paired with the employee surveys and sentiment analysis, managers can gain greater insight into employee needs. These tools help you plan for succession, intervene in problematic management situations, or improve overall worker sentiment.

Workday talent management

Workday talent management.

The Workday approach to talent management considers the full employee lifecycle. It starts with onboarding tools and optional mentor assignment. The employee then builds a talent profile that reflects goals, career trajectory, and individualized learning in the elearning module. The tools also include succession planning and retirement tools for those leaving the workforce.

Workday helps companies understand employee sentiment and workforce skills through the Skills Cloud and pulse surveys. Goal setting on the company, department, and individual levels help align within teams and across departments. And the talent Marketplace gives employees the opportunity to explore possible career moves internally that can improve the company.

Choosing an HCM software

UltiPro and Workday are two giants in the HCM space, and their offerings are similarly complex. We think that UltiPro works best for large companies in the US and Canada who are looking to integrate their HR and payroll systems for less data entry. We recommend Workday for large multinational companies who need advanced data systems that connect financials, payroll, and HR.

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