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athenahealthProduct Overview

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  4. Breakdown of core features

athenahealth product overview

athenahealth provides network-enabled services, mobile apps, and data-driven insights to hospitals and medical organizations to optimize their ability to deliver high-quality healthcare. It designs cloud-based and tailored software solutions that make clinicians’ jobs easier.

athenahealth’s suite of integrated tools connects clinicians, patients, and partners, so practitioners can focus on patients’ health. It brings features for electronic health records, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement that allow any time, anywhere access, driving better health and financial outcomes.

Pros of athenahealth

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  • Its medical billing feature speeds up the revenue cycle and improves financial outcomes by identifying errors ahead of time.
  • Its automation capabilities take on administrative work at speed and scale, increasing efficiency.

Cons of athenahealth

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  • Implementing athenahealth can be time-consuming.
  • Users commented that the interface isn’t intuitive or user-friendly.

Breakdown of core features

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Hands-free documentation

Healthcare professionals can accurately document patient encounters in real-time with the platform’s fully-integrated, speech-to-text dictation product powered by Nuance®. This feature supports a personalized documentation experience across multiple devices. Additionally, users can record patient encounters without needing to touch a keyboard. Medical dictation saves time, enhances documentation accuracy, and boosts physician satisfaction.


athenahealth empowers medical organizations to deliver virtual care with minimal workflow disruptions. Its telehealth feature allows clinicians to meet patients wherever they are while documenting the encounter directly within the EHR system.

athenaTelehealth supports vital patient care, maintains the practice’s schedule density, and complies with HIPAA. It offers a seamless patient experience and works with integration with athenaNet to streamline the billing process.

Patient engagement

athenaCommunicator is the platform’s patient engagement feature that reduces the time and effort required to manage the patient population. It offers patients a secure, online platform for activities like viewing test results and exchanging messages with the care team, encouraging them to take an active role in managing their health and clinical information.

Mobile app

Physicians do meaningful clinical work from their mobile devices with the athenaOne mobile app. The app gives access to patient records, allowing users to prepare for and document exams, create and sign orders, and respond to patient cases.

With the athenaOne app, practitioners can catch up on or get ahead of work during free moments throughout the day.

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  • Electronic Health Records
  • Medical Billing
  • Patient Engagement
  • Care Coordination
  • Enterprise Revenue Cycle
  • Telehealth
  • Mobile Capabilities


  • Epion Health
  • Accuhealth
  • ConnectOnCall
  • NextPatient
  • Health Note
  • Infera HCC Assistant
  • Birdeye
  • QueueDr
  • iScribe
  • API integrations

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