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About SalesLoft

SalesLoft, founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2011, provides an eponymous sales development platform that’s trusted by tens of thousands of sales and marketing professionals to help automate key processes, find and qualify new prospects, and track outreach and engagement in a single platform.

Sales development teams can use the SalesLoft platform to craft cross-channel cadences  — email, phone, or social  — that help automate outreach and follow-up; robust personalization tools ensure that even though you’re using automation, you won’t sound like an automaton. Furthermore, the robust engagement analytics  — both on and off your website  — help sales development reps identify the best time to reach out, and since the system is integrated with your phone, you can click-to-call. If you don’t connect, the easy voicemail drop allows you to attach an approved, pre-recorded message and move on to the next prospect. 

One of the more innovative features offered by SalesLoft, LocalDial, ensures your number is localized to your prospect, which, according to SalesLoft, helps reps who use their system reach decision-makers 4 times more than when calling from an out-of-area number.

Last but not least, the native integration with Salesforce and other popular sales and marketing software means you can see all sales activities synced across systems, without duplicate data entry or expensive custom development. 

We recommend SalesLoft to any company looking for a sales development platform, but especially those companies already using Salesforce, or who have an existing relationship with a SalesLoft data partner, such as Owler, DiscoverOrg, or Crystal. We even use it here at TechnologyAdvice.

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