Sacred Game 2 Review

The wait for a sacred game 2 was worth it. So, the new session of the sacred game was far bigger and better than the previous season. This season of the sacred game was amazing with the great acting skill of the actor who performs the series. This making of Ganesh Gaitonde was fabulous everything you would expect from the Netflix and many more. So, which means you are in a thrilling time in this season, this would be something which can put India story taller on the world map.

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The new co-director in Neeraj Ghaywan, Anurag Kashyap has returned to the most bloodthirsty gangsters. The thing is that they can do whatever they want but they need the man Gopal math Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) to maintain their plan. No more spoiler, but the director has made this game much bigger than all of us.

Then there are Kashyap’s trademark styles that have made a showing lapse with news, clips, songs and some special props. There can be nothing bigger than the sacred game on Netflix, which based on the book of Vikram Chandra’s 1000 page book, which is based on gangster drama.

All the 11 episodes in the Sacred game are more related to a socio-cultural politician than even Laila, which is been the real face of Indian face.

So, here is some lowdown on what happen s in the first three episodes of session 2 of sacred game 2. After escaping from the prison, Ganesh Gaitonde has been put somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean. After some time, there he meets Trivedi and Raw agent Kusum Devi Yadav who started to convince Gaitonde to operate in Kenya, where they can be panthers with various illegal projects.

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So, in the mid- the 90s, he starts his work with Mombasa, which is an all about smuggling and drugs and weapons. Ganesh started to strike the love-hate relationship with Yadav, and which is a relationship with Jojo, who tries to speak about Mumbai on phone.

Meanwhile, the whole responsibility was on the shoulder of Sartaj because he has been permitted to handle the case in his way. Majid and Parulkar were not happy with it, but they also bring some need confidence for Sartaj,
This was all about the first two episodes of sacred game season 2. So if you like this review make sure you comment down below and thank you for reading